No Obligation Quotes

We provide free no obligation quotes to all potential customers, meaning you will know how much a job will cost, and no hassling if you decide not to go ahead.

Proven Track Record

We have completed many projects and gathered some feedback from our customers to give you a peace of mind that you are choosing the right company. Read what other people say here.

Guaranteed Quality

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service and customer satisfaction is the key to us. We hold professional approvals which you can find at the bottom of the page.

Fully Insured

All our work is covered by a comprehensive insurance, giving you an extra peace of mind.


OP Construction

Building Services East Sussex

OP Construction is a reliable building company from High Hurstwood in East Sussex.
We pride ourselves on providing outstanding service and always strive to achieve excellent results.

Why Choose OP Construction

+ Detailed, transparent and no obligation quotations
+ Professional, fully insured building contractor
+ Comprehensive guarantees on all building services
+ Exceptional reputation for customer satisfaction
+ Sovereign Chemicals Approved Contractors
+ Friendly and courteous tradespeople providing excellent service